About Us

A family-owned business with a mission to serve the community.

Our Mission

“To be loved by the community because of what we do to serve and support the community”

Coffee Bean


We aim to be the place the community gathers

Coffee Bean


Created by family, operated by family, to serve family

Coffee Bean


Golden Rule: Treat people how you want to be treated

Our Story

In 2019 Brad and Jennifer McCleary moved their family to the country to fulfill their dream of raising their kids in a small community, just like their childhood.  They were thrilled to call Lone Jack home but quickly realized the rapidly growing community was drastically under-served.  They decided to use their entrepreneurial experience to open a coffee shop in Lone Jack.  

Next was finding the perfect location.  The old farmstead at 306 S Bynum Rd was the perfect location and feel.  The house has been a recognizable part of the community since 1917 with a history even older than that.  Originally built by the Lovett family.  The name was born; The Lovett Coffeehouse & Eatery

The McCleary family couldn’t be more excited to build a business built on serving and growing with the amazing community it’s in.  Drop by and say hello today!

Brad & Jen McCleary

Brad & Jen McCleary


We Serve Delicious Coffee

Our Gallery

Consider these photos the appetizer because you must see us in person for the real meal!